• A gift from nature

    Created by bees, beeswax is 100% natural, non-toxic with no additives and has its own natural fragrance provided by Mother Nature! Unlike paraffin candles, beeswax candles are hypo-allergenic, great for people with allergies or other sensitivities, and for those of us that want a clean burning candle in our home.

  • luscious honey aroma

    Our beeswax candles naturally give off a luscious honey aroma. Scent varies slightly based on honey, pollen and propolis present in the beeswax. Just like honey, Beeswax varies in color.

  • Locally Sourced

    By using locally sourced beeswax we are supporting our local beekeepers by ensuring they have a viable and sellable by-product from honey production. Beeswax is an all natural renewable resource and is the purest of all candle waxes.

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100% Beeswax

Don’t be fooled by clever marketing, a candle only has to contain 51% beeswax to be labeled a “beeswax candle”. All of our candles are made with 100% beeswax so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality candles available and enjoy all the benefits that these wonderful, beautiful candles provide.

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What is Bloom?

Commonly noted by beekeepers, beeswax may over time become coated with a whitish material, called wax bloom. The whitish bloom appears and continues to increase in amount over a period of years, producing a frosty appearance. Bloom on beeswax does no harm, it means that you have a truly 100% beeswax candle. On candles it may be removed by rubbing with a soft cloth or by warming the surface. The exuding of bloom is slow and continuous; after bloom has been removed it will appear again.